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About C'est Chic Paris

Fun, fashion and function meet in this exquisite collection of chic handbags from Paris. In direct cooperation with David Jones, worldwide recognized manufacturer of handbags, we at C'est Chic Paris have assembled a fantastic collection of inspired handbags for you that are trendy and reasonably priced.

Our David Jones collection includes handpicked woman's handbags, shoulder bags, cross bodies, wallets and luggage. These products are made out of textile, and synthetic matters yet look and feel like leather. Diversity of production and research for new matters allow us to touch a large audience. You will love David Jones designs developed and tweaked in Paris!

The FredericT collection is perfect for people who want a quality, leather handbag. More and more people have been asking for these beautifully crafted purses. After the huge demand for leather purses, we wanted to supply some of my favorite styles of shoulder bags, cross bodies, wallets and backpack/shoulder bags in cow leather, split cowhide, full-grain leather and patent leather. FredericT will become your new favorite brand for all things leather!

We ship out of Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A. Thank you for your interest in the C'est Chic Paris line of handbags from Paris. We hope that this year will be your best year yet!

Custom fashion brought to you

About FredericT.

"The FredericT. brand was born, like many great companies, in a family business setting, where skills and knowledge have been passed on for three generations. In 1967, my grandfather began taking a keen interest in the French leather industry, seeing a market with a bright future. He started out at the bottom rung of the ladder, learning all the basics of the art by working in a French creative workshop, in order to understand and master the various techniques of bespoke craftsmanship.

Strengthened by experience, in 1989, when the leather goods industry was really taking off, that my family created and launched the now established brand FredericT. Ours designs became more and more sought after, to react to this demand, a new venture was launched: in 1998, the first wholesale boutique selling exclusively FredericT. brand leather goods opened in Paris, the Fashion capital.

Today, I'm please to perpetuate this family work and share with you, the new creations handbags, this ultimate fashion accessory, both practical and eye-catching, it gives women the opportunity to fully express their tastes, their desires, their personalities."


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